Thats Nifty Podcast


Me and my two buddies from home started an NFT focused podcast! We interview all types of artists, collectors, and the most interesting people in the game.
Episode 1: "Five Fears" with Aeforia and Slimesunday
Episode 2: Interviews with: Mad Dog Jones, Joshua Pierce, and Adam Priester
Episode 3: Interview with xsullo / SSx3LAU Drop
Episode 4: Thank You Miami: Interview with ThankYouX and JN Silva
Episode 5: Interview with Toomuchlag / SSx3LAU Drop Recap
Episode 6: Interviews with FVCKRENDER and NapleRoosk
Episode 7: Interview with GMUNK
Episode 8: Interviews with Klarens Malluta and Bored Elon Musk
Episode 9: Interview with Ondrej Zunka and Filip Hodas
Episode 10: Origin Stories x That's Nifty Collab w/ Roger Dickerman
Episode 11: Interview: Maalavidaa

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