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Friday 11/6/20 2 PM

Mona Sativa, Edition of 69
69 editions of Mona Sativa will be released at 2 PM on Friday November 6th for 69 cents. The person who recieves edition 69/69 on the primary market will also recieve a bonus 1/1 NFT entitled Mona Corona.
Mona Corona, 1/1

Bonus NFT. 1/1. The Mona Corona will be automatically given to the person who purchases Mona Sativa #69/69 on the Primary Market.

The Last Stand of the Nation State and the Emergence of the Blockchain Based World Order

This is open edition is available for $40 each!

During a 24 hour time period an unlimited number of this edition can be minted. The scarcity of this NFT comes from time, not quantity.

The Auction
Clout Machine

Up for auction will be "Clout Machine". This photo is extremely special to me as I worked roughly 1 month on it back and forth with my homie over at Penthouse Magazine. This photo will be the upcoming cover for both Penthouse USA and Australia and you all are getting to see it before the magazine is released. I'm extremely stoked to be offering it up as an NFT.  

To participate, head to