Slimesunday releases "The Sativa State"

Slimesunday releases
Mike Parisella better know as digital artist and creator, Slimesunday, blew up in the NFT space in early 2020, starting with his collaborations with music artist 3LAU. Slimesunday, has since put out multiple collections on Nifty Gateway, collaborated with Playboy, and sold out a collection with Phillips Auction House.
On November 6, 2020, Slimesunday released his first solo collection on Nifty Gateway. The collection featured an edition of 69 (Mona Sativa) for $.69 and an Open Edition (The Last Stand of the Nation State), which sold 415 editions for $40. At the time, this felt like a big win across the board for collectors and artists. Something that felt monumental, would soon be so much more than that. This led LSOTNS to be the #1 NFT trading on secondary for an extended number of weeks, grossing $2.5 million in secondary market volume across the collection.These pieces alone now trading Last Stand of the Nation State, now with a floor of $15,999 and Mona Sativa of $22,000.
When asking Slimesunday how this drop has impacted his life and career, this was his take:
LSOTNS was part of my very first solo drop as Slimesunday on Nifty Gateway! At the time, I didn’t really know how the piece would be received. I had just started learning about crypto and this was my best guess as to how people who had been in the space for a long time truly felt. Luckily, I had some expert advice from Griffin, one of the founders of Nifty Gateway. I reached out to him when I started making the piece and asked for a little help with the signage and messaging. We bounced back a bunch of ideas and eventually everything came together perfectly. We then decided to release the piece as a $40 open edition. I think at the time only one other artist had done an open edition, and that artist was PAK. As soon as it was released, it was selling like hot cakes. I remember running around my office like “wtf is going on” and can remember the whole Nifty team hitting me up saying this was the craziest shit they had ever seen. At the time, it was the most sold piece and I remember thinking to myself before the drop that we may have set the price too high. I was super nervous that it was going to flop!
Soon after the drop, the piece took on a life of its own. I’d show up to zoom calls and people would have LSOTNS as their background background, NFT twitter bios were filled with images of LSOTNS. In the past year I’ve heard so many stories. To this day, people hit me up telling me how dumb they were for selling it for a few hundred dollars, but others would tell me it was their very first NFT purchase and some of my favorite stories are when people tell me that they were able to pay off their mortgage or their college loans.
The opportunities I’ve had this year have been incredible and I am extremely grateful. If you told me 5 years ago that at age 29 I’d “make it” as an artist and have a solo show at one of the worlds largest auction houses, I would have absolutely not believed you. None of this would have been possible without the people that showed up to my very first Nifty Gateway drop. Shoutout to my LSOTNS and Mona Sativa fam!!! Thank you all for holding my work and believing in me.
On November 13, 2021, Slimesunday will release a special collectors reward, The Sativa State, for collectors holding The Last Stand of the Nation State or Mona Sativa.

We asked Slimesunday what the important is of The Sativa State is, and this is what he had to say:

Aside from both of these works being from the same drop a year ago, they are also both parodies of pre-existing works by Leonardo Da Vinci and Jacques-Louis David. So much has happened in this space in the last year that both pieces already have so much history to them even from only a year ago. Both sold at very low price points, LSOTNS was sold for $40 and Mona Sativa was sold for 0.69 cents, two prices that are unheard of today as open editions in the space. Also, having a ton of success on the secondary market, LSOTNS was #1 on the Nifty Gateway charts for months, being valued extremely well by the community. Under Slimesunday, I have not released very many edition style artworks but out of everything I’ve released LSOTNS and Mona Sativa have become some of the most recognizable Slimesunday works in the space.

The Sativa State will be available to collectors of The Last Stand of the Nation State and Mona Sativa on Saturday November 13 at 4:20pm EST. There will be 42 editions available for purchase for $2420 via a 30 minute drawing. In order to purchase, your piece must be deposited into Nifty Gateway prior to the drawing.